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abagames::a7xpg::Ship::Ship Class Reference

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Detailed Description

My ship.

Definition at line 20 of file Ship.d.

Public Member Functions

void addBlowedForce (Vector p, Vector v, float s)
void addGauge ()
bool checkHit (float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2)
void destroyEnemy ()
void draw ()
void drawGauge ()
void drawLuminous ()
void init (Input input, Field field, A7xGameManager manager)
void miss ()
void move ()
void start ()
void startRound ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void createDisplayLists ()
static void deleteDisplayLists ()

Public Attributes

int cnt
const float DEFAULT_SPEED = 0.2
bool invincible
const int INVINCIBLE_CNT = 180
Vector pos
bool restart
const int RESTART_CNT = 300
float speed

Static Public Attributes

static int displayListIdx
static const float SIZE = 1

Static Private Member Functions

static void drawShip (float alpha)
static void drawShipFireLine (float alpha)
static void drawShipLine (float alpha)

Private Attributes

float a
float a1x
float a1y
float a2x
float a2y
float aimSpeed
float b
bool blow
int boost
const int BOOST_TIME = 72
bool btnPrsd
float c
float deg
int enemyDstCnt
Field field
float gauge
const float GAUGE_DEC = 0.2
const float GAUGE_MAX = 200
bool hitWall
Input input
A7xGameManager manager
Vector ppos
Rand rand
const float SPEED_UP = 0.005

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